BIRD'S-EYE MEDIA, INC. is an Illinois-based,
Production and Post-Production company for
Video, Television, Filmmaking and Radio Broadcasting.

From concept through deliverables. . .


• Produce
• Write
• Direct
We are hands-on during the phases of:

• Development
• Pre-Production
• Production - (Principal Photography)
• Post-Production

• Distribution - Delivery

We are creating content:
• Indie Feature Films
• Short Films
• Commercials
Corporate Training Movies
Social Media Videos
Scripted and Non-scripted Programming
• Radio: On-Air, Imaging, Production, Voice-Tracking 
• Company Promos
• Television Shows
Web Series
• Voice-over's
. . .and much more!
For offers of work or if you have questions, contact:

BIRD'S-EYE MEDIA, INC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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